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Enhancement Kit

Enhancement Kit

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Enhancement Kit

Once you've cleaned and rinsed your bike, you have the opportunity to improve upon the finish in all areas. This specifically designed enhancement kit allows you to perfect all the elements of your bike; frame, seat, bars, drivetrain... and then to seal and protect them afterwards.

- £48 worth of products -


1 x Mayo Jaune Frame Polish (250ml)

2 x Chequered Rag Work Cloths

1 x Metallique Metal Polish (100ml)

1 x Fur Rouge Buffing Cloth

1 x Epic Hide Leather and Vinyl Cleanser (100ml)

1 x Enduro Frame Sealant (100ml)

1 x Leather Lacquer Hide Protectant (100ml)

1 x Like Pneu Tyre Cleaner (100ml)

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