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Scratch Shield (blue, black)

Scratch Shield (blue, black)

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Adjustable bucket filter to help keep grit away from your mitt.

A Scratch Shield is a hard plastic filter that sits at the bottom of a round bucket, allowing dirt to settle beyond the reach of a mitt, and helping to prevent dirt being swirled up into the main wash mix once it has settled.

This assists in keeping granular contamination away from your mitt - and away from your bike. Rubbing dirty water into your bike's frame is a recipe for marks and scratches, and the Scratch Shield goes some way to prevent this - especially when they are used with two buckets (the two bucket wash method allows the wash mixture to stay cleaner for longer).

Scratch Shields have adjustable fins for a snug fit in any round bucket from small capacities all the way up to 20 litres. Just make sure that your bucket has an internal diameter at the base of at least 235mm.

Colours are blue or black, appropriate to our 'wash' or 'rinse' buckets.
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