Shock Treatment fork grease 30ml - Trade Case (x12) - HS 340399, Fork Lube - Crankalicious

Shock Treatment fork grease 30ml - Trade Case (x12) - HS 340399


Lithium fork grease, to provide effective lubrication of forks and seals.

A key element of every ride is a well prepared bike. Use Shock Treatment to ensure fork stanchions are well greased in readiness of a day's hard riding. The high performance lithium-based recipe gives enduring lubrication, resisting extreme loadings and conditions with ease. Also perfect for use when servicing any bike, to lubricate or prepare seals and bushings.

Instructions: Run a small, thin layer of Shock Treatment around each of the stanchions on your bike. Compress the shocks to spread evenly, and wipe away excess if necessary. Can be used to lubricate seals upon reassembly after servicing.

Trade case of 12x30ml jars (50% POR).

MSRP per unit inc taxes £5 / 6 EUR

Cost per unit ex taxes at 50% POR = £2.08

For safety information (MSDS) click here.

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