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The Works

The Works

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The Works Kit

Key parts of our range that the cycle cleaning enthusiast - whether new to bike detailing or an experienced professional - needs to achieve the perfect finish. 

A selection of products, work cloths and accessories, this kit provides everything needed to clean, dry and protect any type of bicycle.

-£77 worth of products-


1x Crankalicious Bucket 

1x Madam Palm Wash Mitt

1x Pineapple Express Spray Wash (1 litre)

1x Mud Honey Bucket Wash (100ml)

1x Limon Velo Degreaser (500ml)

1x Gumchained Remedy Chain Cleaner (100ml)

1x Science Friction Chain Lubrication (100ml)

1x Enduro Frame Sealant (100ml)

1x Chequered Rag Work Cloth

1x Mayo Jaune Frame Polish (100ml)

1x Fur Rouge Buffing Cloth

1x Soak Star Drying Cloth

Also contains 1x Crankalicious waterproof sticker - a subtle version of our crank logo, for placing anywhere on your bike.


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