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Sprocket Rocket chain cleaning tool

Sprocket Rocket chain cleaning tool

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Chain cleaning tool for rapid and thorough cleaning of cycle chains.

An unloved, dirty, gritty chain makes for a frustrating riding experience. Use our Sprocket Rocket chain cleaning device for a deep, complete clean without having to remove the chain from your bike.

  • 88 brushes
  • 4 cleaning stages
  • 100ml capacity


  • Before starting, be sure to lay down protection on the floor, such as newspaper or cloth, to catch any dirty drips.
  • Shift gear on bike to smallest rear cog.
  • Remove top of device by sliding the top section forwards and lifting.
  • Place the lower part of your chain in the chain cleaner device, and push down so the chain is seated amongst the bristles and exit sponge.
  • Place the upper part of the chain cleaning device over the chain, and clip into place.
  • Attach the handle (slide right to left to affix).
  • Pour Gumchained Remedy into the device through the 2 small holes on the top, until the lower part of the brushes are submerged.
  • While holding the device by the handle, turn the pedals anticlockwise, to run the chain through the device. Perform this for around 1 minute, or until chain is clean.
  • Remove the device, and wipe the chain with a rag or Crankalicious Cell Foam chain cleaning sponge to dry.
  • Repeat steps 4 to 9 if chain is still dirty.
  • Lubricate the chain with Crankalicious Science Friction Ceramic Lube to prevent rust and prolong life.
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