What Is Protection?

You may have seen us talk about "protection" on our website and products, particularly when discussing gloss (shiny) finish frames.  What do we mean by protection?

Most modern, gloss finish bike frames have a layer of paint (colour), over which is sprayed a layer of clear coat (lacquer) to protect that painted finish.  The clear coat can become tarnished and scratched over time; dulling the finish and making your bike look aged.

To prevent this from happening, you can protect your frame.  This involves adding a very thin layer - just microns thick - to the clear coat.  

If you choose to add a sealant (such as Enduro), it coats your frame in a very hard, very slippery, protectant. This smooth, hard layer prevents your bike from scratching as easily as normal lacquer would; thus, "protecting".

nano sealant protection

 An alternative to a sealant would be a hybrid wax, such as Crisp Frame.  A wax that you apply by hand, allow to cure, and buff to a shine with a cloth.  We have combined our wax with a nano-sealant, to give protection to the ultimate gloss the wax layer provides.

hybrid wax protection

An additional advantage of Crisp Frame is its scratch filling properties.  The malleable, versatile nature of a wax means that it fills micro-scratches, adding to an already impressive gloss finish.

With both a sealant and a wax, the more you use them the more impressive their performance.  Each additional layer that you apply, once the previous one is cured, will improve the finish on your bike frame and increase the protection.

And to the big question; Enduro vs Crisp Frame.  Which one to buy?

For ultimate protection, added gloss and ease of application; Enduro.

For ultimate gloss, the ultimate finish and additional protection; Crisp Frame.

One final point from us; don't use either of these products on a matt finish frame.  This page explains why; click here.