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Bucket and Scratch Shield Kit(s)

Bucket and Scratch Shield Kit(s)

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11 litre bucket, complete with Scratch Shield, lid and 'Wash' or 'Rinse' sticker.

When your bike is particularly dirty, or if you are seeking to maintain a perfect scratch-free finish, we recommend using the "Two Bucket Method" of cleaning.

  • Use Mud Honey and water in the 'Wash' bucket, and plain water in the 'Rinse' bucket.
  • Take your Madam Palm wash mitt, dunk it into the 'Wash' bucket mixture, then lather and clean your bike.
  • Now rinse the mud and detritus off the mitt into the 'Rinse' bucket, so it doesn't contaminate the wash mixture.
  • Reload with fresh wash solution from the 'Wash' bucket and carry on until your bike is clean.

Used in combination with a Scratch Shield, placed in each bucket, this ensures that stones, grit and mud are less likely to be placed back on to the bike when relathering your wash mitt, causing scratches and inefficient cleaning.

So what is a Scratch Shield? Simply put, it is a hard plastic filter that sits at the bottom of each bucket, allowing dirt to settle beyond the reach of a mitt, and helping to prevent dirt being swirled up into the main wash mix once it has settled. The fins are adjustable for a snug fit and to allow you to re-use the Scratch Shield in different capacity buckets if required.

You can see how well a Twin Bucket Method works in combination with Scratch Shield buckets, by checking the colour of the rinse water after a wash; it should be mucky in comparison to the remaining wash mixture.

Please note, bucket lid is a dust/storage cover only and bucket cannot be sat or stood on.

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