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Chequered Rag work cloth

Chequered Rag work cloth

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A robust waffle-weave microfibre cloth for applying products and removing contamination/scratches. 30x30cm in size.

Think all microfibre is the same? Think again. Even if you discount polyamide vs polyester counts, there's cloth density, edging, pile length - and in this case, weave. Waffle-weave microfibre is sturdier than standard short-pile microfibre cloth, giving it more 'bite' on a variety of surfaces, and it can have a larger surface area - making it more absorbent. And it's still softer than cotton terry cloth.

This small 30x30cm cloth gets into all areas of your bike with ease, without tearing or shedding fibres. You can apply polishes with it, buff metal to a high shine and it even mops up spillages and overspray.

After use, machine wash at low temps (non-Bio liquid) without fabric softener/conditioner. Then tumble dry at low temps.

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