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Little Buddies detailing swabs

Little Buddies detailing swabs

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Fibre and fabric tipped swabs for cleaning intricate areas of your bike.

We're not sure what the technical term for 'nooks and crannies' is, probably something like 'less accessible structural surfaces' but I'm sure what you know what we're talking about. And that you'd like some non-linting swabs to clean them when they become built up with dirt that a finger and cloth can't shift.

So we've brought you some clean room quality detailing swabs in various sizes and lengths. They won't unravel or leave fibres behind like the cotton buds you'll find in chemists, and you can even wash and reuse the fabric-tipped ones.

Our kit contains:

  • 25x small disposable swabs (2mm)
  • 25x medium disposable swabs (3mm)
  • 10x large swabs (7x3mm fabric tip)

Instructions: Gently remove dirt from crevices using the swabs - increase cleaning power by dipping in Limon Velo. Fibre tipped swabs will need to be disposed of after use, but fabric tipped swabs could be washed by hand in a mild soap solution (Mud Honey solution) and reused.

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