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Cordless Machine Polisher Kit

Cordless Machine Polisher Kit

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Complete 12v mini polisher kit, with pads, polishes and machine polishing guide.

For the ultimate in frame restoration, we recommend an AC Delco mini polisher. Deeper marks and stubborn stains can be removed in all coated frame types, plus finishes can be highly polished to increase gloss. The rechargable, lightweight 12v polisher can be held with just one hand whilst the other steadies the bike (although we still recommend the use of a bike stand or other form of clamp during the machine polishing process).

Comes complete with pads, a general machine polishing guide to help you understand the basics, and 100ml of our intensive frame polish (Mayo Jaune), to ensure you achieve the finest possible results.

Look at our 50/50 shot opposite for what is possible on a white frame. The washed frame looked clean until we polished it to reveal its true potential.

Our machine polisher kit includes:

  • AC Delco ARS1210 Li-ion 12V 3" Mini Polisher, case and accessories
  • Light, compact single-hand operation for small area polishing
  • Side handle for two-handed operation if more control is required
  • Great torque for effective results - small but mighty polishing performance
  • Variable speed to minimise polish sling at start up, and to tailor cut to the material/finish in question
  • 100ml Mayo Jaune intensive frame polish, developed for use with this machine
  • Tutorial booklet "Machine Polishing, A Quick Guide" by Dodo Juice





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