Point of sale (not for sale on site),  - Crankalicious

Point of Sale - CDU (Counter-top Display Unit) 4 tier - UNIT ONLY, NO PRODUCTS


Crankalicious CDU (Counter-top Display Unit) 370mmx350mmx200mm

The perfect way to present and sell Crankalicious 100ml bottles in-store, with four tiers holding 6 bottles each (displaying 24 bottles in total), a clear header board and striking side panel artwork. 

Subsidised price for Crankalicious retailers of £12.50 plus VAT.

Also available fully stocked as 'one per customer' CDU deal.


Overall height inc header board = 370mm
Height minus header = 270mm
Width = 350mm
Depth = 200mm
4x tiers hold 6x100ml bottles each, 24x100ml bottles in total