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Urban Kit


The Urban Kit

Designed specifically around the needs of the urban cyclist; key parts of our range to ensure a well maintained bike, with prolonged protection.

Typically your bicycle will do many daily miles, with occasional opportunities for maintenance.  It's those rare chances that these products and accessories will bring your bike back to life, ready for another stint as your daily ride.

-£67 worth of products-


1 x Crankalicious Bucket 

1 x Madam Palm Wash Mitt

1 x Pineapple Express Spray Wash (1 litre)

1 x Mud Honey Bucket Wash (100ml)

1 x Limon Velo Degreaser (500ml)

1 x Gumchained Remedy Chain Cleaner (100ml)

1 x Science Friction Chain Lubrication (100ml)

1 x Enduro Frame Sealant (100ml)

Also contains 1x Crankalicious waterproof sticker - a subtle version of our crank logo, for placing anywhere on your bike.